Hashtag Media Namibia | Productions


We create concepts, designs and content for integrated media campaigns which also entails graphical and video workflows. We take pride in our work and we optimize video packages and design custom graphics for a number of entities to continue development of voice and aesthetic for your business.

At Hashtag Media we pride ourselves as the go-to company for

all things filming in Namibia

Our team of creatives do story-boarding, script editing, talent acquisition, logistics and filming organisation, editing and post-production, delivery and marketing.


Corporate Videos

Hashtag Media produces corporate videos with endless possibilities. We are skilled in the production of corporate communication videos, training videos, brand marketing videos and event videos. With a defined strategy to every shot we introduce, we pay meticulous attention to the requirements of each and every video we produce.


With all of our clients we define and design campaigns specific to their needs, wants and market positions. Research allows us to gain deeper insights so that we can comprehensively formulate marketing campaigns relative to our clients. Our campaign packages can include, everything from design, motion graphics (animation), video production and photography to events tailored to the clientele. We create detailed proposals with mock ups of what we can achieve for your company, which we believe is congruent to a harmonious collaboration between the client and its market segment.


Planning for a visual production takes thorough attention to detail. There are a lot of moving parts outside of what comes before production can take place. Our job as a company that specialises in producing high quality images, is to generate pre-production materials that assist in smooth, well orchestrated productions. These materials include but are not limited to mood boards, story boards, scripts, shot-lists and call sheets that detail the logistics of a production. Another stage of our pre-production includes location scouting, prop and wardrobe identification as well as set construction.


Post Production considers post processing of video footage and raw photographs. The video aspect of post production includes selecting the best shots, formatting these shots in the best arrangement relevant to the client and its audience. Part of our post-production package includes voice-over recordings, if necessary or requested. Soundscape design is also another important facet of this stage of production. It includes developing/ recording foley and ambience that holistically fits with the mood and content that will be presented to the audience.


Our production team puts effort into the creation and capturing of special moments that can’t always be conveyed through words. We specialise in architectural, events, product, fine art, travel, catalogue, sports, aerial, scientific/ speciality and fashion photography.

Aerial Footage

Hashtag Media has two state of the art drones, specifically the DJI Mavic Pro 2, Phantom 4 and the DJI Inspire 2. We have NCAA certified drone pilots that are capable of flying and recording in varying conditions. Inclusive of this is sports, architectural, residential, farming, and speciality video recording and photography.

Film Permits & Logistics

Hashtag Media will help with the logistics and planning of your filming, including location scouting, accommodation, transport, gear rental and any necessary tips for the particular environment.

Sound Design & Voice Recordings

Our in-house sound engineer is capable of producing high quality soundscapes, voice recordings and film scores. With top of the line digital audio workstations, we take take pride in the mixing, mastering and arrangement of audio productions.

Talent Management

We boast a vast database of actors and voice over artists. Moreover we find fresh faces as well as veterans in the industry that will portray the image your brand wants to put forward. We consider the image that the talent/ actor has put forward in their public sphere as well.