Social Media Management

Social media is an extension of your organisation’s marketing and brand efforts and is a vital component when adding value to your customer service. A strategy poised with intentionality and authenticity ensures your organisation achieves consistent and desirable reach and visibility with engagement that leads to ultimate conversion.

Content Management

Content is a crucial component when developing a comprehensive and cohesive digital marketing strategy. It directly impacts how your organisation is perceived, and perception is a powerful tool as it dictates what reality your audience sees and experiences. Content Management, therefore, requires optimal planning and organisation, ensuring the correct information is garnered and successfully authored, revised and approved before publication. Your content, in turn, suffers no downtime and achieves maximum visibility.

Digital Marketing

Your online presence is critical to your business’s growth and success. Leveraging relevant digital marketing channels and implementing creative and innovative strategies aligned with your unique business goals, your company’s online presence can be driven to greater heights, exponentially boosting brand awareness, lead generation and sales.

AI Driven Email Marketing

Our software provides a better way to optimize your campaigns using AI. Our algorithms assess the impact of your emails in the context of your entire campaign, tailor your campaigns to each customer, and focus on the goals that matter to you and your business.

Web Design & Development

Having an online presence in 2019 is vital. Hashtag Media can provide you with all the tools and services to get you up and running. We do everything from simple landing pages all the way to advanced web applications.

Mobile App Development

Using the latest technologies and industry standards, Hashtag Media can build high quality mobile apps for both IOS and Android. Whether your app is the next big thing or a more convenient way to interact with customers, Hashtag Media will provide you with tailor made solutions.