Hashtag Media Namibia | Design


Design is the very crux that connects your company to your brand and gets your clients to pay attention. Our highly skilled design team are capable of crafting cohesive design strategies that’ll take your brand to new heights.

Your online presence is critical to your business’s

growth and success

Leveraging relevant digital marketing channels and implementing creative and innovative strategies, we can drive your company’s online presence, exponentially boosting brand awareness, lead generation and sales.


Graphic Design

We are constantly searching for new and creative ways to visually communicate with viewers. Whether you’re looking for a new CI or just want to breathe some new life into your marketing and social media visuals, we’ve got you covered!

Layout Design

Here at Hashtag Media we know the way you visually present information is just as important as the content you are presenting. Our layouts will make your reader look twice before turning the page!

Packaging Design

In today’s competitive retail industry your product’s packaging needs to speak for itself. We will make sure that message is loud and clear!

Motion Graphics

Keep your brand and message on the move! Motion graphics adds just a little extra ‘spice’ to your marketing and let’s face it… all the cool kids are doing it.

3D Event Layout

Not all of us are visual thinkers… some folks need to see what you mean before they get what you mean. We can help sell your event concept with stunning 3d mockups that bring your dreams into a real space!